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Friday, June 17, 2011

Futuristic Friday - In the Future I Hope There Is . . .

As a sci fi writer, my mind is always thinking about what would be cool to have in the future. Here are some things that I want:

1) Robotic closet that packs FOR me before a trip.

2) Anti-gravity Dr. Scholls when my feet are really tired, they actually take the pressure off - literally.

3) NO calorie chocolate cake. Okay, so I can dream a little.

4) The disc thing from Tron.

5) K. It's old school, but I still want a jet-pack. Maybe one studded with crystals?

6) Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future.

7) A household robot that's proud of their profession (That is does NOT feel oppressed, therefore making it susceptible to lashing out at it's employer and subsequently turning evil... and violent.)

8) Ice that never melts in my drink.

9) My own Oompah Loompa (hey it could happen). : )

What do you wish for in YOUR future? SHARE!


Amber said...

I have always wanted a food replicator from Star Trek so that I can eat whatever I want and tell it what kind of calories and nutrition content my food has.

Also, I want a bed that suspends you in midair, so you have no pressure points... I'm still working out how to say in words what I see in my head with that one!

I really like your antigravity dr scholls.

Kristen Knight said...

Loving the bed! Great idea!

momabroad said...

Love this post Kristen. (I was editing my blogs and ran across your posts I hadn't seen.) So, I want a "sleep infuser" that allows one to get all the benefits of sleep in a short amount of conscious time, so you don't have to stop when you're doing a project, studying, etc.
(sis. Karen_