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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Believe Them - Mythbusting About Becoming a Writer

So, when you set out to become a writer you will hear a lot of crap, junk, folderal, Sheena, shiz about making that choice. Most, if not all, of the advice you get will be myth, legend, hearsay.

Do NOT let that stop you because there are a million and one ways to become a writer and you may have one all your own.

Examples of myths that got in my way:

1. "If there is anything else you can imagine yourself doing, don't be a writer."
Malarcky. In fact, I think that doing other things in your life (even having other careers) makes you a better writer - gives you more to draw on, makes you more balanced and productive.

2. "It's best if you have an English degree."
Okay, this might be half true. You will find it easier to edit and polish your stuff if you took classes in doing just that . . . and having a wide knowledge of literature will give you a lot to draw from. BUT, it's NOT mandatory. I know lots of writers who didn't major in English in college and are great storytellers. Take a look around, you'll find them.

3. "It's all who you know."

Nope. At some point maybe (like when you get a good agent), but you can still break into the publishing industry the old-fashioned way - one word, one comma, one query letter at a time.

4. "Getting published is like winning the lottery - all luck."
Okay, so this one really got in my way until I thought about how many people I personally knew that actually make a living at writing (and just books mind you, not journalists). At the time, (before I'd begun digging into the writing community where I live), I counted six. One was a multi-millionare from his books (Stephen R. Covey). Now I know many, many writers that make a living at peddling their own words. Myth - busted!!

What myths are you hanging onto? How will you bust them up?

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