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Friday, May 27, 2011

Do You Have a "Calling"? Does Everyone?

So, this is something I’m frankly, not sure about. But it's FIND YOUR TRUTH FRIDAY, so I want to know what you think . . .

On Oprah’s final show this week, she talked about how she believed that everyone has a “Calling” in life and it’s our job to find it.

Do we? All of us? And if so,what does that mean? Is a Calling just a talent or a passion or is it something bigger, and with a more specific purpose?

What do you think?

Does everyone have a Calling (big C)? If so, what is your Calling? How did you know? How does one find their Calling?

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The Slacks. said...

I think that a calling can be whatever we make it to be. I think that each person has natural god-given talents and abilities that we are, in a way, obligated discover and share. Yet in another sense, callings can also be developed from personal interests that have been molded into a 'calling'. But in both senses of the word, i think that there is somewhat of a responsibility to share them with the world. What good would these talents and gifts be if they are kept only for us?