The Fancy Deep

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Few Songs for The Fancy Deep Playlist

#1. "Her Diamonds" by Rob Thomas

How perfect is this? Alicia Silverstone even looks a bit like Aysia in this song by Rob Thomas, called "Her Diamonds."

Wow. First song on the playlist. Thanks Rob.

#2 - "Cold" by Annie Lennox

While writing The Fancy Deep, I revisted my Annie Lennox phase.  For some reason, this song always got me in the right mood for the year 2091. It also reminds me of the scene in the "ice box."

#3.  "Low" by Coldplay

And, of course, I love the layers and perfectly-suited lyrics in this one by Coldplay.  Plus, its Chris Martin singing.  He's part of the family.

#4  Holst:  Nunc Dimittis

For the Regalo di Cielo (Gift from Heaven) scene on the skyscraper roof.

#5.  "Melt My Heart to Stone" by Adele

Captures a particular part of Aysia's journey perfectly.  Plus, I'm a sucker for a soulful jazz vocal.  : )

Thanks for listening,



Hannah said...


I know you know this, but I so totaly LOVE your book. I can definitly see these songs coming to play in the writing of The Fancy Deep. When do we get the sequel?!! Can't wait!


Kelsey said...

Very cool to hear some of your inspiration. I know you mentioned that music is a big part of your writing. I have been listening to some of the music you gave me for my book, and it has been awesome. Got any suggestions for 1940's American Jazz band?

Can't wait to hear more about The Fancy Deep!

Anonymous said...

I am so interested in this wonderful book. I stayed up half the night reading it because it was so interesting and kept me on edge until I had finished it! I loved the book!

Kristen Knight said...

Kelsey, thanks for the comments. If you want 40's big band, of course, Bennie Goodman and Glen Miller are the default choices, but if you're looking for jazz... there's no one else but Billie Holiday for me. : )


Shelley said...

I love your musical inspirations! Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and i think their songs are genius!

Also, awesome Holst song. I love a good dramatic classical piece!

jessica corotan said...

love the musical inspiration! the play list is right on. i love Adele...especially this song...and i must say Michael is perfect. keep posting...we all need our fix.

Shannon said...

I love this music and the photos of your characters! This site is perfect for your book! I can't wait to get a published copy!